Monday, February 18, 2008

Soundtrack Awesomeness

As a huge aficionado of videogame music, the soundtrack to Super Smash Bros Brawl is pretty much the greatest thing ever. Coming in at 300+ tracks and more than 16 hours of music it's pretty much a collection of almost every awesome song from games on Nintendo systems. It also includes remixes or orchestrations of a lot of the songs along with plenty in their original form. I highly highly encourage anyone that enjoys game music to track down a torrent of it.
The only bad thing is that it has horribly cluttered up my Itunes library. Since, for the torrent I found, the tracks sorted with a combination of a letter and a number before the title, the track names are horribly ugly. So in order to serve my OCD for this type of thing, I'm going to have to effectively go through all the songs in order to fix the titles and then add the proper artist for each song. The artist part is going to be especially awful since the songs come from a huge variety of games and have a wide wide variety of composers. At least this will give me something to do for the torturous weeks remaining until Brawl is finally released.
Another great soundtrack, just fyi, is the Mario Galaxy soundtrack. Really, it's sweet.

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