Monday, February 11, 2008

First Post!!!

So I made a blog. I don't really know why. I guess theoretically it's going to be about games and stuff. Stuff about life in general might slip in at points, but don't hold your breath for intense personal insight. I don't really have a particular topic to write anything about at this point; I guess I'll just talk briefly about what I'm playing at this moment.
I picked up Devil May Cry 4 for the 360 last week. Having never played any of the series (besides a very brief stint on Devil May Cry 2 on my brother's PS2) I was interested to see whether it would live up to the fair amount of hype it had been generating. Plus a third person action game would be a nice change of pace from the glut of shooters I've been playing (Halo 3, COD4, Orange Box etc etc).
I think I'm about halfway through at this point, and it's been quite entertaining. (Minor spoilers here I guess). I've just gotten to the point where you get control of Dante, after trailing him for the first half of the game as Nero. It's very impressive that the game manages to contain two fairly different styles of combat embodied by these two characters. Nero has his Devil Bringer, effectively a demonic grappling hook, which allows him to throw enemies or pull them within sword range. The ability to move enemies around gives Nero a significant amount of flexibility in his combat. He can really control where and what many of his enemies are doing through a combination of throws and grabs.
Combat for Dante, on the other hand, is a much more chaotic affair. He doesn't have any sort of throw or grapple ability. Dante's combat, at least when using his starting weapon Rebellion, seems to be very much about brute force. (Word to the wise, purchase and upgrade the Rebellion's Stinger ability as soon as possible.) Dante isn't as mobile as Nero, so he mostly has to slice his way out of a dangerous situation. Combat just seems harder for Dante in general. I think part of my problem might be the fact that I haven't really figured out how to utilize Dante's different styles. I might have to do some digging on the internet to figure out how to use the Styles, because they are either fairly superficial or I'm missing something. So far the bright spot for Dante is the variety in his weapons. He starts with a sword, double pistols and a shotgun and I've already earned some type of demonic make your punches awesome armor. If the proliferation of weapons continues at this rate Dante should have a sizable arsenal come game's end. It's also nice that his ranged weapons are actually effective, unlike Nero's wimpy pistol.
I don't think I want to write at the above length about anything else I'm playing right now, but a quick rundown won't hurt:

  • Zelda: Phantom Hourglass- Literally just started. The touch controls are cool, though a little hard to get used to. Best feature = ability to writes notes on maps.
  • Xenosaga Episode III: Ridiculous German Subtitle- After starting XS1 at some point last year, I've finally made my way to the final part. It's a pretty solid RPG, if you don't mind some obnoxiously long story sequences. Space opera at it's best. And the ES (Giant Robot) battles rock.
  • Halo 3- I still venture online occasionally. But my friend who I usually play with has refused to pay for XBL Gold. The hive of scum and villainy that is Xbox Live is a lot less fun without someone else to make fun of it with. Oh, and maulers suck.
  • Rock Band- Four Alarm Cybersquid continues it's epic march to the Hall of Fame. I'm deathly afraid of Run to the Hills drums on hard in my solo tour. Seriously, release the DLC albums already.

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