Friday, February 15, 2008

Guitar Hero: Whored Out Edition

The inevitable whoring out of the Guitar Hero franchise has begun. With the announcement of an Aerosmith only game, this is likely the start of Activision making as many versions of this franchise as possible. I've seen in places that they want to have up to four GH games this year. That's so not needed. Plus, does anyone really need that much Aerosmith? At least they are also including songs that from bands that toured with Aerosmith as well.
I can't help but feel that Harmonix approach with Rock Band is a much better way of going about the iteration of a music based franchise. Instead of releasing Rock Band: 80s and Rock Band: Insert Genre, their weekly drop of DLC allows them to cater to many musical tastes all within the same game. Instead of a whole game based on a band they can release a full album from that band. It makes their game a much more cohesive experience then having to pop in a different disc based on what song I want to play.

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