Thursday, February 14, 2008

Something I missed

So one game I missed last year, due to various reasons was Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for the Wii. Well mainly, I missed it because there were like a million other games out last year. But due to the magic of winter break and the fact that I only brought my Wii home with me I have finally gotten a chance to play through it some more. I just finished up playing for a couple hours and I remembered just how much I enjoy Metroid Prime games. Corruption manages to take the great exploring sections of the first two games and combine it with some fairly engaging action segments thanks to the new control scheme that utilizes the Wii remote. I mean it's certainly not up to the standards of say, a Halo, but the combination lock-on + Wii remote aiming mechanic makes the combat into something unique that you can't really get on any other console.
If you have a Wii and haven't played Metroid you really should pick it up. Sure, that won't help shake the fact that the Wii is essentially a Nintendo player, but it should tide you over till Smash Brothers comes out. Or buy the other Wii game I'm playing, Zack and Wiki, because it really could use all the help it can get. Plus it's a great old style puzzle game that contains surprisingly gruesome cartoon death.

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