Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nostalgia Alert

So I was thinking earlier about a game that I played a lot of back in the day, Tribes 2, a multiplayer fps that was released in 2001. In my opinion it was way ahead of it's time. It had a wide array vehicles and classes, but by far the best part was that every player had a jet pack. The freedom of movement and tactical options provided by the jetpacks made for a very entertaining experience. It also allowed the level designs to be fairly unique. Maps in Tribes take place in large outdoor landscapes with various bases and facilities scattered over the map. But, since everyone can fly for short periods, the bases and terrain can be vertically oriented with large mountains and multileveled bases that ignore such annoyances as stairs.
I could probably write a lot more about this, but I don't think I can do the experience justice. All I know is that I played this game all the time for more than a year and enjoyed every minute of it. I really wish I hadn't misplaced my CD, because I would love to reinstall it and see if there's anyone still playing. It's a shame the developer, Dynamix, was closed rather soon after it's release by those bastards at Sierra.
A third tribes game did come out, Tribes: Vengeance, but it just couldn't recapture the magic of the second one. The only hope now is Fallen Empires: Legion, a new game from GarageGames (founded by several former members of Dynamix), that is looking very Tribes-like. This interview makes it sound somewhat promising.

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Katherine said...

Daaave! Write more. You've gotten so many more games since then! Write! GO GO GO!