Wednesday, July 30, 2008

2 Months Later

Well it's been an eventful summer. I went to Italy for a month, that was fun. But that's not what I'm here to write about. Here come some random musings of the last month or so.
I've been playing a hell of a lot Rock Band, or more specifically, the Best of The Who pack for Rock because it is totally amazing. Baba O'reilly is my favorite track in a music game ever. I've yet to find an instrument part in a song that was not fun to play. And the drums are incredible and ridiculous because they are all (with the exception of one song) Keith Moon drum parts. That man was crazy.
Thinking about drums reminds me of the second best news that came out of the fairly disappointing E3 2008. (And no, this isn't about Wii Music's ridiculous drum thing.) Rock Band's drums are totally going to work in Guitar Hero: World Tour. This single announcement pretty flipped me from not intending to buy GH at all to now somewhat anticipating it. This was such a shocking announcement from Activision considering some of their actions regarding guitar compatibility between GH3 and Rock Band. At one point, Activision actually blocked Harmonix from releasing a patch that would let the PS3 version of Rock Band use the Guitar Hero 3 guitar. God forbid something they sell become more useful. But all that has changed in this shiny new era of everyone's instruments and games being friendly to each other. Yay.
Now I said that was the second best news. The best thing was the only truly surprising thing announced at E3, Final Fantasy XIII coming to 360. This announcement has removed any need for me to buy a Playstation 3 anytime. FFXIII and MGS4 were really the only games I felt I had to play that were exclusive to PS3 and thankfully I got to play MGS4 anyway when I borrowed my brother's PS3 for the weekend. So yeah, that saves me $400.
And to wrap up, Geometry Wars 2 just came out today. And it's really really fun even though I totally suck at it.

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